Kettlebell Strength for MTB

Improved strength will help your mountain biking in many ways, including:

  • Increased standing pedalling power.
  • More confidence on steep and rough trails.
  • Less or no lower back pain.
  • An improved ‘Flow Position’ on your bike.
  • Reduced arm pump.


Kettlebell Strength Programme

Free copy of the The MTB Nutrition Guide (RRP £9) with every Bodyweight or Kettlebell Programme downloaded.

Develop whole body strength and power for the trails with MTB focussed kettlebell training.

The Kettlebell Strength Programme from The Strength Factory will teach you how to train safely and effectively, building strong legs, a solid back, and serious upper body strength for tackling the most gnarly of trails. All exercises are demonstrated clearly with video tutorials, and the programme is broken down into realistic and easy to use sections allowing you to make long term progress with your training.

Simply put, being stronger will let you ride further, faster, and have more fun!

As well as strength work, the Kettlebell Strength Programme is a great conditioning tool, helping you to improve your fitness for mountain biking. By using circuits, flows and high repetition kettlebell swings, you can get a great cardio workout, boosting your anaerobic capacity and acting as a great fat-burning tool too. Over time you will be able to train at higher intensities, doing more swings or using heavier weights.

When you buy the Kettlebell Strength Programme you will receive instant access to download the programme (PDF), meaning that you can get to work straight away.  All of the exercises are demonstrated clearly in professionally produced videos.  This will give you the peace of mind that you are doing the exercises correctly and safely.

All Strength Factory programmes are covered by a money back guarantee. If you don’t ride faster, you get your money back It really is that simple.

Check out what people say about the Kettlebell Strength Programme.

A greate way to build strength for the bike
Great program to build strength that you can easily do at most gyms or at home with a few kettlebells. With Bens instructional videos for each exercise its just like having your own personal trainer. I would watch them before going into the gym and then when in the gym I could quickly check the video to make sure I had the correct form. There are a good variety of exercises to keep the program varied with a suggested progressive weekly schedule. For the money i don't think you could get a better program all you need is the motivation to get started and you'll soon start to feel the benefits.
Improved climbing
I really enjoyed the programme despite being new to kettlebells. I thought it might help my down hill riding, but actually found it made the biggest difference to my climbing which was an unexpected surprise.
A very good plan. Following a plan, rather than random use, definitely makes difference!