Mountain & Adventure

Prepare Your Body for The Mountains

Heading off into the mountains or on an expedition requires you to be self-reliant.  Your kit, your skills and your body all need to be ready for the challenges that lie ahead.  Making sure that you are physically strong and robust gives you the best chance of enjoying your trip, reduces injury risk and lets you push harder or further into the wilderness.

Whether you are planning un-supported crossing of a distant mountain range or you are doing the 3 Peaks for charity, The Strength Factory can help you prepare.

Mountain and Adventure

An expedition is about adventure, exploration and going into the unknown.  Make sure that your body is ready for the challenges that await you, by training with The Strength Factory.  We can offer you individual or group assessments and programmes as well as strength coaching from our gym in Bristol.

With many years of mountain and expedition experience in the British Army, we are uniquely placed to help you and your team prepare for the physical challenge of your next expedition.


We can help you prepare for all sorts of different adventures in far flung corners of the world.  From solo missions, charity events or first ascents, we can help make it a success.

  • Trekking.
  • Climbing.
  • Mountaineering.
  • Ski tour or split boarding.
  • Canoe or kayak.
  • Multi sport races, event and challenges.
  • Film and TV crew prep.
  • 3 Peaks Challenge.
  • Something else?  Try us and I am sure we can help!