The Over 40s MTB Programme

Feel fitter on your bike in just 3 weeks

Training That Makes You Feel Great On The Bike

The Over 40s MTB Programme is different.

It is designed from the ground up, to give riders in their 40s, 50s and beyond, the tools and coaching to be the best rider possible. Over the 20 weeks you will progress through 5 blocks of training, each building on the last, creating the foundations for years of fun and pain free riding. The Over 40s MTB Programme is already being used by hundreds of riders like you from across the world. With dozens of 5 star reviews, this programme is guaranteed to improve your riding, or your money back.

You can train in a gym or at home, with just a few resistance bands required, and all exercises have video instruction so you know you are doing them properly.

How it works


  • Climb faster, descend with more confidence.
  • Ideal for time-poor riders looking to enjoy their riding more.
  • Reduce injuries and ride pain-free.
  • Helps you balance work, life, health and riding.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
Only $189 USD – Only $9 (≈ £8) per week.

What you'll get

  • 20 Week App Based Strength Programme.
  • 2 x 1 Hour Sessions Per Week + Optional Extras.
  • Training Guide & Coach Support To Ensure Success.
  • Optional Mobility, Breath Work and Yoga.
  • Weekly Emails With Tips and Motivation.
  • Progressive and Science-Backed Programming Specifically for Over 40s Riders.
  • Money Back Guarantee If You Are Not 100% Satisfied.


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What people are saying

Rich M
I’m 49 and wish I did this 10 years ago. Game changer!
Dave Parsons
Riding is way more fun now that I can keep up with the 30 year olds in my group. The programme was easy to understand and I have managed to be pretty consistent over the past few months. Recommended.
Ellie Schmidt
I am new to the gym and strenght training, but found the videos really helpful. I am riding further now, and my bad knee is feeling loads better. Have told my riding friends about the program to.
Al T
The Over 40’s Program is keeping me riding as I enter my late 50s. I wasn’t sure I would like structured training, but when you get into it, it’s actually quite good fun. Ben is also on hand to help when I have any problems or questions.

Perfectly partnered with

  • Day 1: Strength Training
  • Day 2: Mobility and Breathing
  • Day 3: Strength Training
  • Day 5: Optional Bodyweight Training
  • Day 6/7: Ride Your Bike!
  • You organise your week, your way.
  • Still ride with your mates and have fun.

Your coach

Ben Plenge, performance specialist

Strength & Conditioning Coach

A life-long mountain biker, Ben Plenge fell in love with riding on dirt in the ’90s and hasn’t slowed down ever since.

He found a love for fitness during his career in the British Army where he served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and retired as a Captain. On leaving the Army, Ben qualified as a professional coach and set up The Strength Factory to help riders of all levels smash their goals. These days Ben balances his own riding and fitness with being a husband, and father of two wild kids whilst also running The Strength Factory.

You may have also heard Ben on the Downtime Podcast chatting to Chris about all aspects of MTB training and fitness. His episodes are some of the show’s most popular, thanks to a realistic and jargon-free approach, and a belief that any rider can get more from their riding with some simple fitness training.

Ben’s client list includes top elite riders like Joe Smith who came 2nd at Red Bull Hardline in 2022. He has perviously coached World Cup pro’s Wyn Masters, Charlie Hatton, and Mike Jones as well as freeride star, Vero Sandler. As well as pro riders, Ben has coached hundreds of trail riders and age category racers to take on challenges like Trans Madeira, Stone King Rally or just to ride further and feel better.  When you sign up to a Strength Factory training programme you’re in safe hands.


Whilst a gym is best, the programme is designed to work in either a gym or at home, with options for both each week.

For home training the minimum you will need is a set of resistance bands, foam roller and a mat. 

You just need a smartphone or tablet that is able to download the TrainHeroic app. TrainHeroic works with iOS and Android.

Yes, absolutely. The programme is progressive and at every stage you are coached through the exercises with HD videos. Just take your time and pay attention to your technique and you will pick it up in no time.

All levels of rider can use the programme. It is mostly aimed at middle aged riders who are new to training or who are coming back to training and exercise after injury, parenthood and so on.

You can start making progress at any time of the year, even during peak riding season. The sessions are kind to your body and joints, so whilst you might be sore after the first few sessions you should still be able to enjoy your riding whilst doing the programme.

This is totally down to you and your doctor or physio to decide. We never suggest that you train through pain, however if you have a small niggle, you can often train around it, making good progress in other areas whilst doing your rehab.

Many people report improvements in niggling knee, hip and lower back injuries when they use the programme too, so it might help.

The amount of time you train is up to you. This plan is made for riders like you.

Each week, you are provided with 2 main training sessions that take about 45 minutes to complete. At first it will take a bit longer as you become familiar with the app and the new exercises, but this will drop as you learn.

You then have a third, optional shorter session to top up your fitness on weeks where you do not ride as much.

At the end of the 20 week programme you will be invited to join a monthly Over 40s subscription plan.

You will receive all the details for this towards the end of the 20 weeks.

Yes, we have a number of riders in their 30s using the programme and getting great results too.

If you are a younger rider, injury free, with a good level of fitness then you might want to consider The Complete MTB Programme instead.

No, it is a one off payment that gives you access via the app for 12 months.

At the end of the programme you will receive a PDF copy of the programme to keep as well.

If The Over 40s Programme doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. 

Don’t worry – it happens to us all. Most people will not simply manage to complete this in 20 consecutive weeks.

At any time you can re-start the programme or reset it so you don’t miss out. You have access for a full year on the app, and can train as much or as little as you like in that time.