Ski Programme

Ski Fitness Programme

Get Stronger, Reduce Your Risk Of Injury, Enjoy Your Holiday More, And All For Less Than A Round Of Beers On The Mountain!

Why Train Before Your Next Ski Trip?

✅ Strength lets you ski at your best. Tired legs and bodies equal poor ski technique.

✅ Make the most of your time there. Don’t skip runs or take half days. Enjoy your WHOLE holiday!

✅ You just spent lots of money on your trip. For only a little more cash you can be fit and ready to make the most of it.

✅ Feeling strong and fit will improve your confidence on the snow.

✅ Hard turns and fast runs put a lot of strain on your legs – train for it!

✅ You can reduce your risk of injury.

✅ Two things that are guaranteed to improve your skiing are fitness and technique. NOT a new set of skis or fancy boots.

About $31 USD, $41 CAD, €28

Buy Risk Free With Our Money Back Guarantee.

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How It Works.

Once you purchase the programme you will receive an email with a link to download the PDF programme. It is easy to follow and designed to be used by a wide variety of skiers. Simply have a read through and you can get started with your training right away.

Buying the programme is totally risk free as it is covered by The Strength Factory guarantee:

“Ski stronger or your money back.”

What You Get:

❄️ Instant access to your PDF programme with options for 3 to 12 week plans.

❄️ Ski specific leg strength and stability training.

❄️ Optional upper body training and cardio sessions make it great value and totally comprehensive.

❄️ HD instructional videos for all exercises.

❄️ No gym needed.

❄️ Money Back Guarantee. Buy in confidence.

❄️ 4 and 5* Reviews from skiers across the world.

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Still unsure? Scroll down for reviews and FAQ’s

Mark is a skier from Bristol in the UK who trains with The Strength Factory…..

“I’ve been a skier for over 15 years. Training with Strength Factory has given me the confidence to push myself all week and in all conditions; safe in the knowledge that I won’t tire as quickly as I used to.”

Best Chrismas Skiing
Just back from a terrific week of skiing over Christmas. Loads of snow and great times. I'm so glad I followed this programme for 4 weeks before I left. It helped with my confidence in the deeper than normal snow and meant I could keep up with my teenage kids for most of the week. We are heading to a friend's chalet in March and I will do another 3 or 4 weeks before I go. Recommended!
Christmas skiing
I got the program for some last minute training a few weeks before my Christmas ski trip with the family. I have just had two days of ski school in the morning with afternoon laps and can really feel the difference. Having stronger legs is helping me to get more from ski lessons as I can concentrate on learning instead of worrying about leg burn and getting too out of breath. I just got up for day 3 and my legs feel great - not as sore and tired as usual and I can't wait to get out!
Good program
I travel a lot for business and find it hard to train so I liked the fact that this has options for bodyweight and gym training. I have just had a couple of days in Jackson Hole with some buddies who charge hard and being a bit stronger really helped me keep up. I was surprised how much difference 4 weeks of training made and I'm going to get back on the programme after Christmas as I'm off to Whistler with the family at the end of January.
Feeling Good
I've been following the ski plan for 6 weeks before heading off for some Christmas skiing this weekend. I feel really good and have been surprised by the progress. It is easy to follow and I am looking forward to my trip even more now.
Ready to hit the slopes.
Being a Dad I’ve let my fitness go a bit over the last few years which led to a twisted knee on my last trip. I’ve been working on the ski program for about 6 weeks and feel way more solid and strong on my legs. I’m really excited about new year skiing in Austria now and I’m not as worried about my knee.
Felt great
I have done 4 weeks on the programme and then grabbed a couple of early days skiing as the snow was too good not to. I felt really confident on the slopes and I think it helped with my technique too. I’m going to use the programme again in new year for my next trip. Recommended


  • Is the programme suitable for different levels of fitness? Yes, absolutely. From beginners to regular exercisers, the 8-Week Ski Programme will get you stronger and fitter, ready for your next trip.
  • Do I need access to a gym? No, you don’t. You can train at home, in the park or in a gym, it is up to you.
  • Do I need any kit to do the programme? To do some of the upper body training you will need a little bit of kit, either a suspension trainer, resistance band or pull up bar. Links are included in the programme for these. Also – see the next point…….
  • Upper-body training? Why? This part of the strength training is about making you more robust and less likely to hurt yourself in a crash. You can skip it though and only do the leg and core work in which case you don’t need any kit at all.
  • How long will I need to train? The strength training sessions are the most important part of the programme and they will take you about 45 minutes to complete. The optional cardio sessions can take as long as you like, depending on how much time you have. We suggest doing 2 strength per week and then some cardio as well, but it is up to you.
  • I leave in a few weeks. Is it too late to start? We suggest that the minimum time to feel the benefits of the programme are 3 weeks followed by a few days off to rest before you travel.
  • I’m in my 50’s/60’s. Am I too old to do this? Don’t be silly! If you can still ski then you can train. In fact this is even more important for our more senior skiers to stay strong.
  • I’m overweight, can I do the programme? Of course you can, just build steadily and listen to your body. Getting stronger and possibly losing some weight as you train will have massive benefits on the slopes for you.