Strength and Conditioning for Skiers

The demands of skiing on your legs, hips and core are not to be underestimated, and heading to the mountains without the proper preparations is going to limit your fun on the slopes as well as increase your risk of injury.

All coaching with The Strength Factory starts with a thorough assessment, geared towards skiing, and designed to highlight your strengths and areas of weakness.  Based on this we then build you a personalised ski programme that will build you up for your next trip.

You can either train at our gym in Bristol, at your own gym, or at home.  Your programme will be written accordingly so that you have the right kit and know exactly how to do the exercises you have been given.

We also have an affordable and comprehensive online ski fitness programme that you can do at home:

Ski Fitness Programme

Strength and Conditioning for Snowboarders

Snowboarding is a fairly unique sport as the feet remain in fixed positions relative to each other and yet the body still has to remain free moving and very dynamic.  Always starting with a full consultation and assessment we can coach you through a personalised snowboard programme.

All snowboard programmes are designed with you in mind.  Do you just want to enjoy a week of social riding or do you charge hard all over the mountain?  Either way, we have you covered.

Training Tips, Programmes and Knowledge

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