Speciality Services and Other Action Sports

At The Strength Factory we can work with action sports athletes from any sport and towards any goal.  As well as the sports you can see on the other pages here, we can work with skaters, wake boarders, surfers, OCR racers, free runners, climbers and just about any sport you might see on Red Bull TV.

As well as action sports we can work with other professionals from the world of stunt performance, law enforcement, and the military.  With 8 years of service in the Infantry before changing career to fitness, Ben Plenge, the head coach at The Strength Factory is well qualified to help you and your team reach your full potential.

The gnarliest sports in the world require tough, mobile and strong bodies.  At The Strength Factory we can work with you to keep you performing at your best, no matter what your sport is.

  • Skate.
  • Wake.
  • Surf.
  • Free Running.
  • Obstacle Course Racing.
  • Climbing.
  • Stunt men and women.
  • Film and TV.
  • Something else?  Drop us a line and I am sure we can help.

At The Strength Factory we are uniquely placed to offer discreet, bespoke training packages to military, police and other people with specialist fitness requirements.  Ben Plenge served for 8 years in the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment, retiring as a Captain in 2010.  He has led soldiers on demanding tours of Iraq and Afghanistan and has achieved very high levels of combat fitness during his time in the Army.  Since then he has helped to prepare a candidate for Reserve P-Company and has helped a number of young prospective soldiers to prepare for the recruiting process.

We also have access to an extensive ex-military network of highly trained individuals with the ability to put on demanding hills based training away from the confines of the gym.