The Ultimate E-MTB Programme

12 Week E-MTB Training Programme

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Normal Price £35.  Launch Offer of £25 until 3rd June 2019.

How can an E-Bike specific programme improve your riding?

This programme has been built specifically for the demands of modern power-assisted mountain bikers. It takes my years of experience coaching literally hundreds of mountain bikers and blends it with the unique demands and opportunities that E-MTB’s bring.

The Ultimate E-MTB Programme takes the guess work out of your training. You will be guided through three, 4-week training blocks, starting with Foundation, followed by Strength, and finally Power Training Block. Each builds on the last, developing your strength and fitness and transforming your E-MTB riding.

The Ultimate E-MTB Programme includes:

  • Strength training at home or the gym.
  • Endurance and aerobic training.
  • Progressive E-MTB interval sessions.
  • Sprint and power training.
  • HD videos of all exercises.
  • Mobility and core routines.
  • E-MTB training rides and tasks.
  • Flexible weekly plans and recovery time built in.
  • Weekly support emails.
  • Free Nutrition Guide worth £9.

The Ultimate E-MTB Programme is covered by The Strength Factory Guarantee:

“Ride faster or your money back.”


How and when do I get the programme? After checkout you will get an email that includes a download link for the programme. You get instant access.

Is this a gym-based programme? You have the option of training at the gym using the weights there or at home using just your bodyweight. There are programmes included for both options so you can decide whether to join a gym or not.

What kit do I need? If you train at home instead of the gym then the minimum you need is a resistance band, although a pull up bar is also a great investment. There are links to purchase good quality, well priced bands in the programme itself. The only other kit you need is an E-MTB! You don’t even need a normal bike or turbo trainer.

How much training will I have to do? This is down to you and how much time and energy you have. The programme is flexible, allowing you to do anywhere from 3 to 6 sessions per week with shorter core and mobility sessions to compliment the other training you do.

Do I have to be fit already to do this programme? NO! That’s the point. It is designed with beginner and intermediate riders in mind who need to improve their fitness to enjoy their riding more. The programme gets harder as you get fitter.

What do you know about E-MTB training Ben?!?! Well, I have been training mountain bikers full time since 2014, including DH World Cup and Enduro World Series pro’s. As well as the big names I have also worked with literally hundreds of trail riders like you and understand what you need to ride faster and harder. I’ve been E-Biking since 2018 and quickly realised that it was a different beast entirely. The power modes give you way more options with your training and the weight of the bikes challenge you on every descent. That is why I decided to combine the 2 and bring you The Ultimate E-MTB Programme. The World’s 1st E-MTB Specific Training Programme.

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