The Complete MTB Programme

Our premium MTB package

The perfect programme for trail and enduro riders, pro-pinners and weekened-warriors to build strength, power and fitness that will take your riding to the next level.

From just £8/week.

Training for every rider

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Expert fitness training for mtb

100% dedicated to strength and fitness for mountain bikers of all levels.

MTB fitness programmes so you can perform at your best. 

The Strength Factory offers online and face-to-face coaching that guarantees results.

Choose from instant download, the full smartphone experience or get a tailored programme with 1-to-1 coaching.

Increase Strength

From weekend warriors to elite athletes, we’ll help you build a rock-solid foundation of strength, power and fitness. 

Increase Performance

Whether you’re gearing-up for a big event or simply want to beat your PB, we’ll help you to smash your goals.

Increase Fun

Ride full-gas from first lift to last lap. Stronger riders enjoy bigger days, longer descents and harder hits. 

Customer reviews

Chris Downtime

I’ve been following the Complete MTB Programme for a few months now and I’ve really felt the benefits.

I’ve seen improvements in my movement, good strength gains and feel much stronger and safer on my bike. Winner!

Katie Wakeley

I chose this plan for a couple of reasons, but the main one was that Ben is a racer/rider and knows that feeling during a race when you just wish you were better prepared so you can ride to your full potential.

I am at my best fitness for a while and haven’t even peaked yet.

Dan W

I’ve been on the programme for about 8 weeks now and I’m already noticing results. 

I feel more in control due to being stronger. Very happy with the purchase!

Dom R

The movements feel like they transfer well onto the bike, stability in particular.

I recommend the breathing drills, they are working, after 3 weeks I noticed that I was breathing much better on my local climb. Very pleased!

The Pros on the programme

From grassroots heroes to World Cup superstars, we train the best in the game.

Chris Hutchens

World Cup DH veteran and Enduro World Cup pinner, hutch is always a podium threat

Joe Smith

The Shropshire shredder. Elite DH racer with his sights on the World Cup podium

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