1-to-1 training

Personalised Coaching with The STrength Factory

your perfect programme

The Strength Factory’s 1-to-1 Training is perfect for mountain bikers, motocross racers, and action sports athletes as well as members of the public seeking the best possible return from their training.

Training online or from The Strength Factory gym in South Bristol, we’ll create an approach that’s absolutely unique to you, your sport and your lifestyle. 

  • Tailored training programmes designed exclusively for you.
  • In-person or remote training options.
  • Cutting-edge testing and data-analysis available.
  • Full-package training available to cover every aspect of your performance.
  • Suitable for amateurs and pros, no previous experience required.

Tailored for you

It’s all about you.

You might be an elite athlete with your sights on the podium or a full-commitment weekend shredder, hungry to up your game.  Either way, we’ll create a one-of-a-kind solution that perfectly matches your time, budget and experience.

You’ll personally draw on Ben’s years of expertise as he works with you, one-on-one. You’ll develop a tailored programme that evolves to match your progress and you’ll have access to Ben’s expertise when you need a helping hand. 

If you’re 100% dedicated to improvement, this is your answer.

Enquire now

No obligation – no commitment.

Get in touch to discuss your training requirements. You should hear back from us within 48hours. 

How it works

There’s no cut-and-paste, cookie-cutter approach here. Your programme will be 100% unique to your own  goals. 

We’ll begin with a personal assessment at our gym in South Bristol. We’ll understand where you are and where you want to be. We’ll measure your physical ability, your experience and what you’re able to dedicate to your programme.

From that first meeting, we’ll create a programme that’s 100% unique to you. You might commit to regular 1-to-1 sessions in the gym, to train from home or a combination of the two. You might opt for a complete, no-holds-barred, 7-days-a-week approach or something less intensive that fits around work and family.

From there, we’ll work together to smash your goals. Your plan will grow month-on-month, it’ll adjust to changes in your life and it’ll be tailored to build up to those races, big trips or target dates. 

Distance coaching

We’re experts in distance-coaching.

Scores of athletes around the UK put their trust in The Strength Factory’s 1-to-1 coaching. 

Our 1-to-1 programmes require an initial face-to-face assessment and can be tailored to work with athletes throughout the UK.  The Strength Factory uses a combination of video-call, smartphone app and personalised email plans to ensure that distance isn’t a barrier to achieving your goals.

Please note, you must be able to attend an initial face-to-face assessment to qualify for 1-to-1 coaching.

Specialist training

The Strength Factory is uniquely placed to offer discreet, bespoke training packages to military, law enforcement and individuals with specialist training requirements.

Ben served for 8 years in the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment, retiring as a Captain in 2010. He has led soldiers on demanding tours of Iraq and Afghanistan and has achieved very high levels of combat fitness.

Since then he has helped to prepare candidates for Reserve P-Company and has helped a number of young prospective soldiers to prepare for the recruiting process.

The Strength Factory has access to an extensive ex-military network of highly-training individuals with the ability to create bespoke training away from the confines of the gym.

Premium services

Looking for something a little more specialised?

The Strength Factory’s 1-to-1 services include optional access to cutting edge testing and analysis.

We can go above-and-beyond to assess your performance and understand exactly what you need to succeed. This includes:

  • FTP testing
  • Power-profiling
  • VO2 max testing
  • Mobility screening 
  • Blood lactate testing
  • Velocity-based training