Bodyweight Strength Programme

MTB Bodyweight Strength Programme

Get stronger to ride further, faster, and have more fun.

Getting stronger will benefit any mountain biker.  Strength lets you clean that steep climb. It improves your endurance and stamina for all day rides.  It lets you ride hard from the first turn to the last on the gnarliest tracks.

It only costs £16 which is less than a new set of grips and is the perfect introduction to strength and fitness training in 2020.

Still unsure?  Scroll down to read a small selection of our 4 and 5 star reviews from the hundreds of riders using the programme now!

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Buying is completely risk free as all programmes are covered by The Strength Factory Guarantee:

“Ride Faster Or Your Money Back”


What do you get when you join?

✅  An in-depth PDF manual to get you started quickly and safely on the road to faster riding.

✅ High quality video coaching for all exercises.

✅ Warm up and mobility drills just for mountain bikers.

✅ Training sessions designed to test your whole body every time whilst building bike strength.

✅ ‘Finishers’ at the end of the training sessions, to develop your cardio fitness.

✅ Support emails and guidance.

✅ Instant access once payment is complete.

Ben Plenge – Your Coach

A life long mountain biker, Ben spent his 20’s as an officer in The British Army, serving all over the world and retiring as a Captain. In 2014 Ben set up The Strength Factory after realising there was a lack of quality information and coaching for mountain bikers, especially in the emerging sport of enduro. Since then Ben has worked with World Cup pro’s like Charlie Hatton (Trek & Atherton Bikes) and Mike Jones (MS Mondraker), freeride star Veronique Sandler and Enduro World Series racers Chris Hutchens (Wideopen Nukeproof) and Fergus Ryan (Santa Cruz) as well as literally HUNDREDS of amateur racers and every day trail riders like you. When you sign up to The Bodyweight MTB Programme you are in safe hands.

Have a look at our 4 and 5* reviews from some of the hundreds of riders like you, who use the programme around the world. Want more info? Scroll past the reviews for the FAQ’s……..

Better Climbing
The bodyweight programme is simple and nice and cheap which I liked. I generally feel better on the bike, but especially on climbs where I think I have a bit more power. I can get up some pretty steep stuff now and have a better sprint. I have actually enjoyed the training too and have seen a lot of progress over the last few months.
Great core advice
It's a manageable programme which doesn't seem unrealistic for resukts unlike some others out there. Keep up the good work
Pretty good so far!
I've been on the program for about 8 weeks now, and I'm already noticing results. Having a workout-plan allows me to consistently perform a training, and the exercises and progression that Ben has put in make for some nice longevity out of a body-weight program. The mobility exercises are a very good addition as well. So far they've kept me from hurting my back again! I've been seeing the results physically, and also notice them while riding. I feel more in control due to being stronger. Very happy with the purchase!
Great functionality
I've been using this programme for a month so am I'm the 'base building' phase, and the movements feel like they transfer well onto the bike, stability in particular. I recommend the breathing drills, they are working, after 3 weeks I noticed that I was breathing much better on my local climb... and I enjoyed it, a measurable result for just a few mins a week! Very pleased! Cheers Ben!
Seems Good so far
I have been taking my time getting used to the exercises and learning slowly and carefully how to do them and am now putting it all together. I like the fact that you dont need any equipment apart from the pull exercises, which I have done with a suspension style bar. The instructions and videos are clear and I feel confident that if I persist with the plan it will improve my strength and therefore my riding. Once I have been doing the plan for a few months I intend to get the MTB Mobility program to supplement this Bodyweight Strength program as being a 54 year old rider extra mobility will always help!
Bodyweight Strength Programme
Great programme for all mountain bikers, key to getting results is consistency.
Excellent program
Excellent, common sense program that you can follow at your own pace. Easily translates into extra power and stamina on the mtb Only suggestion would be to have some excercises where a pull up / row bar isn’t required
Awesome programme
Loads of fun. Great results.


  • I don’t have much training experience. Can I do the programme?  Yes, you can as long as you take your time and pay lots of attention to using proper form for all of the exercises using the HD video tutorials. 
  • Is this programme suitable for men and women?  Absolutely!
  • What abilities is this suitable for?  As long as you are healthy and injury free you should be able to get a lot from this programme.  All training sessions are scaled for different abilities and levels of strength/fitness.  Sometimes there will be options for exercises to progress or regress to suit different abilities and there is always a set and rep range to choose from.
  • I have a bad knee (insert body part).  Can I still use this programme? This is down to you and your doctor or physio.  We always play the long game and never train through pain.  You may be able to train around an injury though, working other body parts and maintaining some strength and fitness.
  • I work long hours and have a busy schedule.  Will this work for me? The Bodyweight Programme is easy to fit in around a busy schedule with sessions taking around 45 minutes to complete.
  • What happens when I click the Buy Now link? You will be taken to a checkout page to enter your name and email address and then on to PayPal where you can pay securely using your PayPal account or a card. You will then be emailed a confirmation and links to download the programme. You get instant access.
  • Is this suitable for under 18’s?  This is at the parents’ discretion but the programme is suitable for healthy youth and junior riders training under the supervision of an adult.


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