Bodyweight Strength Programme

MTB Bodyweight Strength Programme

Get stronger to ride further, faster, have more fun.

Getting stronger will benefit any mountain biker.  Strength lets you clean that steep climb. It improves your endurance and stamina for all day rides.  It lets you ride hard from the first turn to the last on the gnarliest tracks.

It only costs £16 which is less than a new set of grips and it even includes a free copy of the Strength Factory Nutrition Guide worth £9!

Do you want to be a stronger rider?  Want to ride further and faster and enjoy the trails more? Simply tap the Purchase button below to get instant access.

Still unsure?  Scroll down to read a small selection of our 4 and 5 star reviews!

What do you get?

  • An in-depth PDF manual to get you started quickly and safely on the road to faster riding.
  • Free Nutrition Guide worth £9.
  • Photo and video coaching to make sure you work with good form and get great results.
  • Warm up and mobility drills just for mountain bikers.
  • Training sessions designed to test your whole body every time whilst building bike strength.
  • ‘Finishers’ at the end of the training sessions, to develop your cardio fitness.
  • Support emails and guidance.
  • Instant access once payment is complete.

The Bodyweight Strength Programme is written by Ben Plenge who coaches mountain bikers of all levels, from World Cup pro’s to everyday trail riders.  It has been developed specifically with people like you in mind and is based on his work with literally hundreds of MTB riders over the last 5 years.

Great functionality
I've been using this programme for a month so am I'm the 'base building' phase, and the movements feel like they transfer well onto the bike, stability in particular. I recommend the breathing drills, they are working, after 3 weeks I noticed that I was breathing much better on my local climb... and I enjoyed it, a measurable result for just a few mins a week! Very pleased! Cheers Ben!
Seems Good so far
I have been taking my time getting used to the exercises and learning slowly and carefully how to do them and am now putting it all together. I like the fact that you dont need any equipment apart from the pull exercises, which I have done with a suspension style bar. The instructions and videos are clear and I feel confident that if I persist with the plan it will improve my strength and therefore my riding. Once I have been doing the plan for a few months I intend to get the MTB Mobility program to supplement this Bodyweight Strength program as being a 54 year old rider extra mobility will always help!
Bodyweight Strength Programme
Great programme for all mountain bikers, key to getting results is consistency.
Excellent program
Excellent, common sense program that you can follow at your own pace. Easily translates into extra power and stamina on the mtb Only suggestion would be to have some excercises where a pull up / row bar isn’t required