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Built on over a decade of coaching experience, we have coached World Cup and EWS pro’s, up and coming junior talent, amateur racers and thousands of everyday trail riders from across the world.

If you want to improve your strength and fitness for MTB riding and racing, then you are in the right place…….

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Benefits of MTB Fitness Training

Climb Faster

Build leg and core strength along with a big engine so you can climb faster, and ride further. 

More confidence

With strength comes an improved riding position and more confidence every time your ride or race.

Increase Fun

Ride your best from the first climb to the last lap. Stronger riders enjoy bigger days, longer descents and harder hits. 

How it works

100% dedicated to strength and fitness for mountain bikers of all levels.

MTB fitness programmes so you can perform at your best. 

The Strength Factory offers online and face-to-face coaching that guarantees results.


Example week

  • 2 x 45-minute strength sessions.
  • Add rides, mobility and recovery work to fit your schedule.
  • You organise your week your way.
  • Still ride with your mates and have fun.

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Why train with the strength factory?

join the strength factory and start transforming your riding today…………

1. Years Of Coaching Experience With MTB Riders Of All Levels.

2. Real Results On & Off The Race Track – Our Approach Works.

3. Widely published across the online and print MTB media.

4. Thousands of Riders Helped Across The World.

5. Tried & Tested Online Programmes 

6. Friendly & Open Approach To Coaching and Training.

7. We ALWAYS Put The Rider First.

8. All Programmes Are Covered By A 100% Money Back Guarantee.


No, you don’t. You can train at home, in the park or in a gym, it is up to you.

Yes, absolutely. The programme is progressive and at every stage you are coached through the exercises with HD videos. Just take your time and pay attention to your technique and you will pick it up in no time.

All levels of rider can use the programme. We have a wide range of riders and racers, but mostly it’s people who just want to enjoy their weekly rides more.

We suggest that the minimum time to feel the benefits of the programme are 3 weeks followed by a few days off to rest before your big day.

You need a pull up bar to complete the programme and some resistance bands are helpful but not necessary. You can start training without a bar, and purchase one later if you wish.

We have designed the programmes specifically to be accessible to people training at home.

This is totally down to you and your doctor or physio to decide. We never suggest that you train through pain, however if you have a small niggle, you can often train around it, making good progress in other areas whilst doing your rehab.

The amount of time you train is up to you but we suggest that the minimum commitment is 2 x 45 min sessions per week for good, consistent progress. 

Yes, under the supervision of an adult. We have a number of under 18’s on the programmes across the UK and beyond. 

Absolutely not – if you can do your chosen sport, you can train. It’s even more important for older riders to stay strong. 

You may also be interested in The Over 40s MTB Programme. Just click the, “Programmes” tab, above.

Absolutely. Just build steadily and listen to your body. Getting stronger and possibly losing some weight as you train will have massive benefits when taking part in your sport.

No, this is a one-time purchase.

If our programme doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.