The Complete MTB Programme – Trail/Enduro

The Complete MTB Programme is a monthly online training programme from The Strength Factory……..

Trail riders will ride further, faster and have more fun.

Enduro racers will develop their race speed and fitness.

Who Is The Complete MTB Programme For?

Whatever your level, we can guarantee you’ll see an improvement in your riding. From gym novices and weekend warriors up to podium chasers and Elite racers, we have coached them all, and have put that knowledge and expertise into this programme. You can make 2020 your best ever year on the bike for just a few pennies more than £1 per day. Just see some of our testimonials below.

How Does It Work? What Do You Get With The Complete MTB Programme?

When you sign up you get immediate access to the Download Zone where you can access:

✅ An in depth training manual to get you started on the right foot.

✅ 2 Different levels of weekly training plans to suit all abilities.

✅ New programmes sent out every 4 weeks that will keep you motivated and progressing.

✅ Strength Training programmes specifically for Trail/Enduro MTB.

✅ Specific exercises for MTB fitness.

✅ Mobility and Core training to develop and improve your riding position.

✅ A progressive programme of sprint and interval training for faster trail riding and race winning performance.

✅ Clear, jargon free videos for all exercises so you train safely and effectively.

✅ Extra tips, videos and training info to develop your understanding.

✅ All training content has a focus on quality, perfect form, and educating you as a rider.

✅ And there is no contract and no tie in. It’s covered by The Strength Factory Guarantee:

“Ride Faster or Your Money Back.”

Based on work with hundreds of mountain bike riders, racers and even pro’s, we have put together an online programme that is flexible, demanding and achievable. It has been designed specifically with busy Trail and Enduro riders in mind and is guaranteed to get your riding and racing faster. (DH version also available here.)

The programme includes strength and power training in the gym, aerobic endurance, intervals and sprints, mobility training and everything you need to improve your riding. The whole programme, including instructional HD videos are all available online 24/7 so you can always stay on track, working towards your riding goals.

The programme is completely online and is available instantly for just £32 per month with no contract or tie in. That is basically only £1 per day!

Or you can save yourself nearly £50 and take control of your strength and fitness for a whole year with an annual membership for only £336.

Ben Plenge – Your Coach

A life long mountain biker, Ben spent his 20’s as an officer in The British Army, serving all over the world and retiring as a Captain. In 2014 Ben set up The Strength Factory after realising there was a lack of quality information and coaching for mountain bikers, especially in the emerging sport of enduro. Since then Ben has worked with World Cup pro’s like Charlie Hatton (Trek & Atherton Bikes) and Mike Jones (MS Mondraker), freeride star Veronique Sandler and Enduro World Series racers Chris Hutchens (Wideopen Nukeproof) and Fergus Ryan (Santa Cruz) as well as literally HUNDREDS of amateur racers and every day trail riders like you. When you sign up to The Complete MTB Programme you are in safe hands.

“I’ve been working with Ben for a number of seasons both remotely and with face to face training. His continued commitment to get the most out of me at a National and International level is superb. He ensures that I balance a busy career with a full race schedule so I go into events in the most prepared place physically and mentally as possible.”

Chris Hutchens. Wideopen – Nukeproof

The Complete MTB Programme for Trail/Enduro will help YOU

  • Ride and race all day, pain free.
  • Climb, sprint and race faster.
  • Be more confident in technical terrain.
  • Build a rock solid riding position.
  • To enjoy training and be consistent.

Any Questions? Scroll to the bottom and fill out the contact form.

Read what some of our members say about the programme……..

Back feels good
I have had a bad back off and on for a while and it keeps ruining my rides, so after listening to HKT Podcast I wanted to give Ben's approach a try. The idea of building a foundation appealed to me and seemed like a good way to get strong safely without making my back worse. At first you think the exercises are easy, but they are actually really hard if you do them properly. I like Ben's attention to detail and the way he focusses on being safe and as a result my back feels way better then when I started in November. I still have to be careful but 2 months in I really think the programme has been a good investment. I just wish I had more time to train.
Banging Programme
I had been training with ben in his group training sessions for awhile when recovering from a bad back and nerve injury... It's safe to say working with Ben and a Physio was was second to none for my recovery and now on going recovery. I have now moved on to the online programme and it is solid, it gives me drive and direction, as well as online videos to check good form. It's a really varied programme with a lot of exercises you wouldn't expect so it keeps things interesting and keep me strong. I just do the two weekly work outs but he also includes a huge amount more every month, including a monthly body weight programme, and a raft of bike related training to do during the week. It really is a full race programme if that's what you are looking for, or like me drop the race part and just do the workouts for recovery and strength..... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Full GNAR guaranteed all from the comfort of your own gym.
Survived, and loved, Trans Provence 2019
I started on Ben’s program in January with the specific aim of getting fit enough to ride the 2019 Mavic Trans Provence and to enjoy it! I achieved this aim and came back from France a fortnight ago having had the best time on a bike ever. I found all aspects of the program to be helpful, but would particularly highlight the mobility and gym parts. I saw big increases in core strength and balance, and had much improved upper back mobility. I got through the week of Trans Provence without getting to the point of total exhaustion or wishing it would end - on the contrary I was happy to tell people I could have done another day or two if required (not sure they believed me though)! I can only think that the gym time helped massively with this, as it was an incredibly physical week. So thanks Ben for helping me achieve my goal, and thanks for patiently answering my “am I doing the right thing / will I be fit enough?” emails! I was really pleased that even though I only signed up for the training plan by subscription Ben was always interested in how it was going and willing to help. Final point, I have 2 kids and work pretty decent hours, but found that this program fitted in with life very well. In short, I highly recommend you try it! Cheers, Rob.
Awesome Gains
I signed up to work with Ben coming back from an awkward shoulder injury. The shoulder is still far from perfect but working with Ben and then switching to the MTB program has allowed to improve my strength, posture and coordination in a way that has me back on the bike as fast as ever despite my shoulder issues. Looking forward to being fully fit and seeing just how much of on improvement the targeted training can make.
Best shape of my life!
First time doing a full gym program in addition to my on the bike training and although I'm only two months in I couldn't be happier. I feel strong on the bike and have been able to take the rock DH sections faster than I ever had with less arm pump over time. I also see the results on my body which is always a fun bonus, will definitely be continuing. The program is very well rounded with mobility, options for busy weeks, and strong video instruction/options for each move. All workouts in the gym can be done in just under an hour if going fast, or 1.5 hours if taking the proper warm up. Highly recommend.
Strength factory - the proof is in my race results!
I am using the monthly Complete MTB programme and it is really easy to follow with great technique videos, and options to help you fit it in with a busy life. I have found the strength training especially useful for my riding and racing and already feel better on the climbs as well as downhills which is awesome. Get on it now and I can guarantee you will see an improvement in your riding performance, whether you race or not.
Excellent program; Effective and Interesting
I'm now on my third month of the program (including the Foundation month) and I've really started to notice the benefits of the gym work. For me the workouts take 1hr 15 mins to complete and I've been fitting them into slightly extended lunch breaks so no major impact on my free time. The how-to videos are great and explain exactly how to do each exercise (many of which I've never heard of!). The workout haven't left me completely "beasted" and unable to left my arms, etc but they are demanding and I've certainly started to feel stronger as a result. I love the fact the exercises are so varied as this makes the sessions interesting for someone who has always found gym work really dull. It's also highlighted areas where I'm weak and need to strengthen. In terms of benefits I certainly feel stronger and healthier; I rarely feel that body fatigue after a hard ride anymore and my speeds around my local trails have really shot up (2-3kph). I highly recommend the program.

When you join you will get instant access to The Download Zone where you can access your programmes.


  • I don’t have much experience in the gym. Can I still do the programme?  Yes, you can as long as you take your time and pay lots of attention to using proper form for all of the exercises using the HD video tutorials.
  • Is this programme suitable for men and women?  Absolutely!
  • What abilities is this suitable for?  As long as you are healthy and injury free you should be able to get a lot from this programme.  All training sessions are scaled for different abilities and levels of strength/fitness.  Sometimes there will be options for exercises to progress or regress to suit different abilities and there is always a set and rep range to choose from.
  • Will the Complete MTB Programme help me survive my riding holiday? No doubt! This is not just about racing.  Getting fitter and stronger will mean you enjoy your weekends in Wales, your week in Morzine or your dream trip to Whistler.
  • It is March (insert month) and I want to join now.  Can I start any time of year?  Yes, absolutely. You can join at any time of year. To help you get started and to build your fitness you will receive a bonus programme in the first month which we call the “Foundation Programme.”  It is designed to safely get you started with your training and to teach you some key skills.
  • I have a bad knee (insert body part).  Can I still use this programme? This is down to you and your doctor or physio.  We always play the long game and never train through pain.  You may be able to train around an injury though, working other body parts and maintaining some strength and fitness.
  • Is this plan suitable for racers? Yes! This will help any enduro mountain bike racer. Whether you are getting ready for the ‘Ard Rock, the EWS or a season of national enduro races, getting stronger and building a better ‘engine’ will help you to ride at your full potential.
  • I work long hours and have a busy schedule.  Will this work for me? The programme does not specify what to do when, although there is a suggested weekly planner. Some weeks your work might allow you to get 2 strength sessions, some intervals and a weekend ride done. Other weeks maybe more, and some weeks it may only be some mobility and bodyweight training. Nothing is fixed. What The Complete MTB Programme does is make sure that when you do have time to train, that you will be doing the right exercises and training and not just wasting your valuable time.
  • Am I tied into a contract or minimum term? No contract or minimum term, simply cancel the subscription through the Strength Factory website (not PayPal) before the next payment goes out and that’s it.
  • Is this suitable for under 18’s?  This is at the parents’ discretion but the programme is suitable for healthy youth and junior riders training under the supervision of an adult.


Still not sure? Drop me a line using the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to answer any questions or to help you with your training. Thanks. Ben.

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