Downtime Podcast: Better Humans Make Better Bike Riders

My latest episode of The Downtime Podcast is LIVE! In this episode I talk about how I believe being a better human will make you a better mountain bike rider. We got in depth on this one, covering a wide range of MTB fitness related topics to help you be the best human possible:

  • Movement.
  • Strength training in the gym and at home.
  • Apocalypse survival.
  • Habit stacking.
  • Being 1% better every day.
  • Interval training.
  • Starting at the start.
  • Exclusive discount codes for my online programmes.
  • ……. And loads more.

You can listen on all the major podcast platforms. To find out more, including show notes with the discount codes, just hit the link:

Downtime: Be A Better Human

Or, if you prefer to watch, Chris also videos all of his podcasts, and they are live on his YouTube channel. You can watch the episode below. Don’t forget to subscribe whilst you are there: