MAF Heart Rate Calculator – Maffetone Formula

Unlock the secret to optimising your aerobic training as we delve into the Maffetone Formula. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to calculate your max aerobic (MAF) heart rate, allowing you to train more effectively and reach your peak performance in endurance sports.

To calculate your maximum aerobic function(MAF) heart rate, you apply the MAF 180 Formula. You begin by subtracting your age from 180. So, for a 45 year old rider, that is 180 – 45 = 135 bpm.

Now you apply a modifier to this number depending on your health and training status:

  • – 10 bpm If recovering from major illness or over training.
  • – 5 bpm if injured, sick or not improving on your training.
  • No change if training consistently for 2 years and no issues.
  • + 5 bpm if training for 2 years or more and making good progress.

By applying the modifier and either adding or subtracting from your 180 – your age result, you get a maximum aerobic heart rate that reflects your current fitness and ability. This will enable you to make long term progress in developing your aerobic engine for mountain biking by training below your max aerobic heart rate.

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