Tips To Rebuild Your Confidence After a Crash or Injury.

As a mountain biker, we all know that crashing is part of the game. Most crashes tend to be pretty low consequence, with nothing more than a bruise or scrape, but every now and then we all have a big one.
Earlier in August I took a big slam whilst racing the Enduro National Champs in Minehead. You can watch it here:
It hurt.
A lot.
And after the race I took a full 3 weeks off of the MTB as I just felt too beaten up and I didn’t want to risk hitting me head again.
Now it is time to get back on the bike and I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on how to rebuild your confidence on the bike after some time off due to injury.
I really hope this helps some of you to get back up to speed so you can enjoy the sport we all love.

Stay Strong


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