Why I Run Short Cranks On My MTB

Discover the surprising benefits of using shorter cranks on your mountain bike in my latest blog post, ‘Why I Run Short Cranks on My MTB.’ In this post I will explain how shorter cranks can enhance your riding experience, improve cornering, and optimise pedalling for riders of all sizes on the trails.

Back in spring 2023 I took possession of a set of 155mm long, Hope Evo Cranks and fitted them to my enduro bike for a product test. I had been interested in using shorter cranks for some time, but until then there were not really any viable options on the market. Over the past months I have come to love these shorter cranks, and in particular, how they have helped to improve my cornering.

You only need to look at motorbikes to understand how shorter cranks can help your cornering and balance on the bike. As a motorbike doesn’t need to be pedalled, the foot pegs are level. This means that your body position is balanced and symmetrical, unlike the staggered stance we adopt on the trails on our MTB’s. The longer the cranks, the more staggered the stance. By reducing the crank length by 15mm (from 170 to 155mm) we actually bring the feet 30mm closer together when in a pedals level riding position. For me, this made all the difference, and I am now fully sold on the shorter cranks.

To find out more, including considerations and the potential drawbacks of a shorter crank, you should watch this video that will take you through it…..