Pro Riders And The SAS

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“When we think of the SAS, and other special forces, like Navy SEALS, we imagine they are super human, and capable of unbelievable things. And whilst they do have some very specific and unique capabilities, what makes the special forces soldier so, ‘special,’ is a total mastery of the basics, even under the most intense pressure, physical fatigue and with their life literally on the line.

It is the same basic soldiering skills that are taught to every new infantry recruit. Fire, move, communicate.

They just do it to the highest level, again and again, remaining disciplined, focused and accurate, no matter what is going on around them.

And this is where the best pro riders come in………

At the biggest races, on the roughest tracks, and under pressure, pro racers are able to execute the basic fundamentals of mountain biking to the highest level.

It all starts with their body position on the bike, where they look and how they weight the bike. This is exactly what you or I would do on a coaching session down the local woods. The coach would start us with basic body position, then vision, and so on. These are the basic skills, and they just do them better.

Yes, they can also do some mad stuff, that is certainly not basic, (look at Kade Edwards – an actual wizard on a bike!) but on the whole they are better than us because they do the basics better than us.

So how can we be better riders?

Well, you guessed it…. by working on the basics! You are never too good or too experienced to do some flat corner drills, or cone slalom on a fire road. You can head out on a ride and focus on your vision or braking, with the aim of improving it. You can film yourself to check your body position, and of course, you can get some coaching. All to improve the basics.

The exact same thing holds true in the gym. It is the basics that will get you 80% of your gains. Squats, deadlifts, lunges, chin ups and press ups will get you a long way, if you truly master the technique, and then apply it week in and week out with intention.

Nutrition is the same. If you are not getting the basics dialled in consistently, then having your protein shake exactly 17 minutes post-training doesn’t matter!

So, stop worrying about the fancy stuff, the crap you see on Instagram, and the attention grabbing nonsense that online gurus are trying to push. Instead, train like a special forces solider, and focus on the basics.”