Welcome to the new look Strength Factory

New year, new website!

Happy new year guys and welcome to the new home of Strength Factory.

Our old website was doing a decent job but I’ve always wanted to smarten things up a little and offer you guys a single place to find all of my programmes, free content, expert-advice and resources.

The Strength Factory brand has also grown a lot over the last few years and I knew it was time for a freshen up and a slightly more up to date look and feel.

So… here it is. I worked with the team over at Openwide Agency to make it happen, who designed the new ‘look’ and built the site.

If you’re just visiting for the first time, you can find my programmes here.
You can also find the best bits of my video content here.

We’ve just launched so, feel free to get in touch with any feedback via my contact page.