Strength Factory takes the Downtime top-spot for 2020

A huge part of improving your performance is celebrating your success and giving yourself a big high-five when things go well. Doing just that, I’m celebrating some good news from the awesome Downtime Podcast.

Back in January 2020 I joined Chris at Downtime to talk about How to Shred Until You’re 70. In the episode we talk about what you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of enjoying your riding well into your older years.

We talk about the idea of a ‘physical pension’ and the seven ‘pension pots’ that you need to be paying into on a regular basis – posture, mobility, movement & balance, play, strength & power, aerobic/cardiovascular fitness and finally, sleep, nutrition & wellness.

Not only did I enjoy making the episode but, it seems like loads (and loads and loads) of you found it helpful. In fact, of all of the episodes Downtime published in 2020, this was the most popular with the most number of downloads or listens.

Given the massive calibre of Downtime’s guests, that’s a big success for Strength Factory. Thanks to everyone that pressed ‘play’.

If you’d like to listen to the episode for yourself you can visit the Downtime website here.

You can also play the episode right here on Strength Factory: