Testing A Mullet Wheelset vs 29″

In about a month I am hoping to pick up my 2022 bike from Vitus. Normally this is very straight forward as we choose the model and then wait for the size large to come into stock. This year though, the Sommet range of enduro bikes come in two versions…..
29″ Wheels
29/27.5″ Wheels, also known as a mullet bike.

Before I committed to asking for a specific bike I wanted to try out this whole mullet bike business, so it was time for a (non-scientific) experiment that involved taking the 27.5″ rear wheel off of my E-Sommet E-bike and running it on my Sommet enduro bike…….

You can check out the bikes here:

2022 Vitus Sommet CRX in 29″

And in mixed wheel size…..

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