MTB Bodyweight Strength Programme

Our most downloaded programme. For all mountain bikers with no gym required.

Build strength, power and fitness that will take your riding to the next level.

The Strength Factory’s MTB Bodyweight Strength Programme guarantees to make you a fitter and faster mountain biker.

You’ll build strength, power and fitness. You’ll gain confidence, build a rock-solid riding position, enjoy your riding more and maybe even beat your mates!

The MTB Bodyweight Strength Programme is ideal for riders of all levels but particularly for those just starting on their hunt for new strength. It fits perfectly around your busy lifestyle and won’t need a gym, specialist kit or previous experience. And, nope, you won’t ever need to miss a ride with your friends.

  • 2/3 x 45-minute sessions per week.
  • Works at home or in the gym, you decide.
  • Provided via easy-to-access PDF download and HD video.
  • 100% MTB specific.
  • Ride faster or your money back.

How it works

  • Single payment, instant access.
  • Build strength, power and fitness.
  • Ride stronger or your money back.
£24 single payment.

What you'll get

  • In-depth training manual to get teach you the fundamentals.
  • Easy-to-follow video explainers for every exercise.
  • Warm-up and mobility drills, designed 100% for mountain bikers.
  • Training sessions designed to test your whole body whilst also building bike strength.
  • ‘Finishers’ at the end of the training sessions, to develop your cardio fitness.
  • Weekly support emails full of tips, encouragement and motivation.

Riders Like You

The Strength Factory MTB Bodyweight Programme has helped thousands of riders like to you get faster and enjoy their riding more.

For less than the cost of a pair of grips and less than 2 hours per week, you can completely transform your performance.

Your coach

Ben Plenge, performance specialist

Strength & Conditioning Coach

A life-long mountain biker, Ben Plenge fell in love with riding on dirt in the ’90s and hasn’t slowed down ever since.

He found a love for fitness during his career in the British Army where he served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and retired as a Captain. On leaving the army, Ben qualified as a professional coach and setup The Strength Factory to help riders of all levels smash their goals.

Ben has worked with World Cup pro’s like Charlie Hatton (Trek & Atherton Bikes) and Mike Jones (MS Mondraker), freeride star Veronique Sandler and Enduro World Series racers Chris Hutchens (Wideopen Nukeproof) and Fergus Ryan (Santa Cruz) as well as hundreds of amateur racers and everyday trail riders like you. When you sign up to The Strength Factory, you’re in safe hands.

As seen on

The Pros on the programme

From grassroots heroes to World Cup superstars, we train the best in the game.

Wyn Masters

Downhill sender, EWS shredder, back-wheel black-belt and WynnTV frontman. #WynsWheelieWednesday.

Joe Smith

The Shropshire Shredder. Elite DH racer with his sights on the World Cup podium.

What people are saying

Richard K
I’ve been using this programme for a month and the movements feel like they transfer well onto the bike, stability in particular. I recommend the breathing drills, they are working, after 3 weeks I noticed that I was breathing much better on my local climb… and I enjoyed it, a measurable result for just a few minutes a week. Very pleased!
Dan W
I’ve been on the programme for about 8 weeks now and I’m already noticing results. The mobility exercises are a very good education as well. So far they’ve kept me from hurting my back again. I’ve been seeing the results physically and also notice them whilst riding. I feel more in control due to being stronger. Very happy with the purchase!
Jamie C
Excellent, common sense programme that you can follow are your own pace. Easily translate into extra power and stamina on the mtb.
Peter C
I like the fact that you don’t need any equipment apart from for the pull-up exercises, which I have done with a suspension style bar. The instructions and videos are clear and I feel confident that if I persist with the plan it will improve my strength and therefore my riding.


No, you don’t. You can train at home, in the park or in a gym, it is up to you.

Yes, absolutely. The programme is progressive and at every stage you are coached through the exercises with HD videos. Just take your time and pay attention to your technique and you will pick it up in no time.

All levels of rider can use the programme. We have a wide range of riders and racers, but mostly it’s people who just want to enjoy their weekly rides more.

We suggest that the minimum time to feel the benefits of the programme are 3 weeks followed by a few days off to rest before your big day.

You don’t need any specialist equipment or access to a gym. Each of our programmes recommend some low-cost items that will make your training more effective, but none are essential.

We have designed the programmes specifically to be accessible to people training at home.

This is totally down to you and your doctor or physio to decide. We never suggest that you train through pain, however if you have a small niggle, you can often train around it, making good progress in other areas whilst doing your rehab.

The amount of time you train is up to you but we suggest that the minimum commitment is 2 x 45 min sessions per week for good, consistent progress. 

Yes, under the supervision of an adult. We have a number of under 18’s on the programmes across the UK and beyond. 

Absolutely not – if you can do your chosen sport, you can train. It’s even more important for older to stay strong as you get older.

Absolutely. Just build steadily and listen to your body. Getting stronger and possibly losing some weight as you train will have massive benefits when taking part in your sport.

No, this is a one-time purchase.

If our programme doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.