How To Choose A Strength Factory MTB Training Programme

I have a range of programmes to suit every level of mountain biker, from pro/elite racers to people who are totally new to riding and fitness in general. To help you decide which is the best fit for you, I have put together this flow-chart to help guide you.

The flow chart is just a guide, and there are always exceptions….. I have riders in their 30s using the Over 40s Programme. I have racers using the MTB Bodyweight Programme, and so on, but in general the chart sums it up nicely. Below you will find a brief summary of who each programme is for, and if you are still unsure, then fill out the contact form (with some info about you and your MTB fitness) at the bottom of the page and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

The Complete MTB Programme

This is for trail riders and enduro racers, and it requires a gym. Ideally you will have a base level of fitness (not starting from scratch) and will have done some form of bodyweight or strength training before. If you are totally new to training, then you should complete the Foundation Programme first. Complete MTB

The Complete DH Programme

Exactly the same as Complete MTB, but this is for DH racers. Complete DH

The MTB Foundation Programme

This is a gym based programme that teaches you how to train, or builds you back up after some time off. It is designed to prepare you for Complete MTB or Complete DH (above). Having said that, it is an effective programme in its own right and you can expect to feel the difference on your bike after a month. You do not need to do this before Over 40s MTB. MTB Foundation

The Over 40s MTB Programme

This is primarily for riders over 40 who are new to training, or returning to fitness after some time off. It can be done in the gym or at home. Also ideal for over-weight riders and people coming back from injury. Over 40s MTB

MTB Bodyweight Strength Programme

This is the most affordable, entry level option. You can train at home (no gym required). It is also a PDF download instead of being app based like the others. It is for a wide range of beginner to intermediate riders who want a simple, low cost programme. MTB Bodyweight Strength

The Strength Factory Guarantee

Remember that all the programmes are covered by The Strength Factory Guarantee. If you don’t ride faster, or if you are not completely satisfied, then you get your money back. Signing up is risk free, and with hundreds of happy riders across the world, you will be asking why you didn’t join sooner. Full Terms and Conditions here: Guarantee