I Got A Bike Sponsor!

After years of bike and product testing for Wideopen and MBUK, both based here in Bristol, it is time to do my own thing. I am now an ambassador for Vitus Bikes! Don’t worry though, my videos will not just be one long sales pitch. You will still get the same MTB, fitness and health […]

The Over 40’s MTB Programme | Online Training

This video will tell you everything you need to know about how The Over 40’s MTB Programme will help you improve your health, fitness and of course, your riding. As we get older, it can be tempting to train like we are still 20 something, copying the latest pro workout on social media or going […]

SIMPLE… How To Plan Your MTB Training For A Race or Event.

If you are booked in for a MTB race, big ride or holiday this summer and you want to make sure you are ready, but are unsure how to plan your training, then look no further as I have all the answers you need right here. Whether you are racing for podium spots or just […]

Tips To Rebuild Your Confidence After a Crash or Injury.

As a mountain biker, we all know that crashing is part of the game. Most crashes tend to be pretty low consequence, with nothing more than a bruise or scrape, but every now and then we all have a big one. Earlier in August I took a big slam whilst racing the Enduro National Champs […]

Self-Coach Your MTB Skills Using Roots & Rain.

If you follow my channel, then you are probably interested in improving your mountain biking, both in terms of fitness, but also skills. Whether you are a hard core racer, or simply enjoy riding with friends, working on your skills will give you more confidence, speed and ultimately let you have more fun. Skills coaching […]

Southern Enduro Stage 2 Race Run. 2021.

This was my first run down stage 2, on the Saturday afternoon. This was at the National Enduro Championships held at Minehead in Somerset. This is blind racing – meaning there is no practice and I had not walked the track before hand, so there are a few mistakes, but overall I am pretty happy […]

BLIND RACING! Stage 3. National Champs Minehead

Enduro National Championships 24-25 July 2021 Minehead, Somerset. Stage 3. Saturday. Full Race Run. Veterans 40+ Category! This is my race run down Stage 3 from day 1 of racing at Minehead. It starts with a decent sprint into some awkward and slippery flat turns before picking up the pace and diving down the hill […]

My BIGGEST Crash In Years. National Champs Stage 6

I have just got back from racing Enduro National Champs down in Minehead in Somerset, organised by Southern Enduro where I was competing in the veterans category for the first time at the ripe old age of 41! It was also my first race in about 2 years with COVID and a new baby. All […]

“Subtract” To Get Fitter On Your MTB. Over 40’s Tips.

So you want to get a bit fitter and a bit faster on your mountain bike? You probably know that you are going to have to ride a bit more, do some intervals and possibly hit the gym. The problem is that you are already ‘busy,’ so how is this going to happen? Where and […]

Short on Time? Get FIT With This Quick, Simple Session.

Finding time to train can be hard, but loads of us want to get a bit fitter so we can enjoy our riding more. Improving your fitness does not always mean rigidly structured plans with zones, heart rate and all sorts of other jargon. In fact you can make loads of progress with just one […]

Hot Weather Riding Tips

Summer is here and along with hard-baked singletrack, it means one thing….. Hot, sweaty rides! I am going to give you some top tips for staying cool, staying hydrated and enjoying your ride when the temps start to soar. Have a great summer! High-5 Hydration Tabs https://tidd.ly/3dEVgg2 Check out the Vitus Sommet 29 CRS that […]

1 Tip To Climb Faster – NO PUSH PROMISE

I want you to take The #NOPUSHPROMISE this summer and commit to trying harder, working harder and not pushing your bike up any hills unless you absolutely have to. I see too many riders simply getting off at the base of every steep or tech climb. They never even try to get up it and […]

Fat Loss for Mountain Bikers

Whether it is health, performance or just looking better in your pants, many of you will have tried to lose weight. It can be super confusing, with a million different diets and internet gurus telling you “eat this” “don’t eat that” “gluten is bad, meat is bad, dairy is bad, grains are bad, sugar is […]

How to Be Faster on Your MTB

How do you actually get faster on your mountain bike? Let me give you 8 top tips on how to actually get faster on your bike. Based on my own journey as a rider and my work with hundreds of trail riders, racers and pro’s this is what I think you need to do to […]

Desk Posture is Making You A Worse Rider.

Could your desk posture be holding your fitness back? I think so. When you ride with a rounded upper back, tight chest and over extended neck you are not able to breathe properly or efficiently. Poor breathing = Poor performance and riding like a squid. In this video I break down why posture is so […]