MAF Heart Rate Calculator – Maffetone Formula

Unlock the secret to optimising your aerobic training as we delve into the Maffetone Formula. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to calculate your max aerobic (MAF) heart rate, allowing you to train more effectively and reach your peak performance in endurance sports. To calculate your maximum aerobic function(MAF) heart rate, you […]

How To Improve Your MTB Endurance

For mountain bikers, conquering rugged trails demands more than just technical skills—it requires endurance that can withstand the toughest terrains. Join us in this article as we uncover the science-backed strategies and training techniques that will help you boost your endurance, ensuring you can pedal the most challenging trails with ease. Training Volume There is […]

Time Yourself to Improve Your Riding and MTB Fitness

Timing yourself on your bike is a great tool for measuring and improving your skills, fitness and MTB race craft. Whilst downhill and enduro racers can use it to re-create race day pressure, any weekend warrior can also use it to gauge progress in both the short and long term. In this video I give […]

Winter MTB Training Guide – 6 Tips

The warm and dusty summer trails are but a distant memory, the leaves are falling, and the days getting shorter. That means one thing for the committed mountain biker……. Winter Training If you want to be your best next spring, whether it’s for racing or just fun, then some structured training over winter will make […]

MTB Fitness For Trail Riders

To me, trail riding is mountain biking. It’s what we all do most weekends. We head out to the woods with our bikes and hit the trails. Yes, you might do the odd race or day on a chairlift, but on the whole, most riders simply ride trails of one type or another. As you […]

The importance of strength training for mountain bikers

It was not long ago that the answer to the question, ‘How do I get quicker on my bike?’ was simply to ride more. Coaches and pro riders alike would simply say that hours in the saddle was all you needed to be a great cyclist or mountain biker.  Luckily the times have changed, and […]

Article – Plan Your Training

It is the start of winter and you are already getting excited about the spring arriving. You are planning your next MTB trip with friends, putting races in the calendar, and are determined to be fitter, stronger and faster than ever. To do this, you need a plan! Understand The Requirements Before we look at […]

Article – MTB Interval Training

Interval Training For MTB Trail Speed To really peak your mountain bike fitness and trail speed, interval training is hard to beat. Basically it is a structured training session where you perform a period of high intensity effort, followed by a period of lower intensity recovery. The goal is to stress your body enough with […]

Vitus E-Sommet 297 VRS – Bike Check

I have just taken delivery of my new Vitus E-Sommet 297 VRS, and this is a quick bike check and intro to the new machine. To check out this bike and the whole Vitus range, then hit the link: Vitus E-Sommet 297 VRS Ben

Interval Training For MTB | Full Guide

Want to really increase your MTB trail and race speed? If so, then intervals are going to be part of the programme. Follow this guide to learn how to put them together and plan them, whilst avoiding some common mistakes and pitfalls. If you have any questions then leave them below in the comments and […]

MTB Fitness For Over 40s | Part 2

If you want to carry on riding and progressing as you get older then you are going to need to start looking after yourself. This video will help you make better decisions whilst avoiding the common pitfalls. You can watch part 1 from summer 2020, here: Join The Over 40s MTB Programme Today. The no.1 […]

Pro Riders And The SAS

This is one of my weekly emails that I send out every Tuesday to thousands of riders from across the world. If you like what you read and would like to get on board, then just hit the link at the end and enter your details. “When we think of the SAS, and other special […]

Core Training For MTB

In this video I am going to show you how to approach your core training to make you a better mountain bike rider and human. Rather than a list of exercises called, “MTB Core Workout,” which is most of what you will find elsewhere on YouTube, I aim to give you an understanding of what […]

How to Train For Enduro MTB

What do you need to do to race enduro? How should you approach your training and preparation? In this video I will take you through my approach and how I boil it down to two simple elements for racing success. Whether you are a podium contender, or just doing your first race for fun, the […]

How To Build Muscle – MTB Fitness

Building muscle, hypertrophy, or getting, ‘hench’ is not normally a topic that comes up in mountain biking media or fitness content. This is a shame as there are plenty of men and women out there who love mountain biking, but who would also love to get bigger. Whether it’s for downhill performance and protection or […]