How to Climb Faster on your MTB

Love it or hate it, at some point we all need to earn our turns, and that means climbing your mountain bike. In this episode, we’re discussing 4 tips to help you improve your mountain biking climbing. The tips are all free of jargon, easy to implement and are sure to help your trail speed […]

MTB Training for Over 40’s

As we get older our bodies change. It becomes harder to recover from exercise, harder to stay lean, harder to remain strong and athletic. Too many mountain bike riders stop riding or enter a period of steady physical decline as they enter their 40’s and 50’s. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Instead, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Your Best MTB Riding Position

Elbows Out.Head Up.Heels Down. To ride fast and with confidence, you need to maintain a solid body position on the bike. I call this the FLOW position. The Flow position is only possible when all the links in your body’s chain are correct. Your position on the pedals affects your knees and hips as well […]

Hydration Basics Explained

Ask anyone and they can tell you that you need to be hydrated to perform your best at sport. But HOW do we do this effectively? With so many sports drinks and fancy products out there, can you just drink water and be ok, or do you need to delve into the world of sports […]

Top Tips to Set Up Your Garmin

Arrive at the trails. Strap on your heart rate monitor. Start up the Garmin or other computer and off you go. But what are you doing with the data? Are you using the HR features to actually improve your riding or is it just another bit of needless tech in our lives? In this video […]

How to Use a Foam Roller

“Do some foam rolling”. I bet you’ve heard that advice a thousand times from friends, riding buddies or coaches. Whilst it is probably good advice, most people I see in the gym are not making effective use of their foam roller and don’t really know how or why to use a foam roller for recovery, […]

Interval Training On a Mountain Bike

Interval training is the most effective way to improve your fitness for mountain biking and motocross. In this video I show you how to do an effective internal session out in the woods on your mountain bike. The key points are: Have a plan, including knowing what you want to achieve. Be sure to warm […]

Are Flat Pedals More Efficient Than Clips?

When it comes to pedalling efficiency, if you ask anyone, they will tell you that flat pedals are less efficient than clipping in. I’ve even heard crazy claims of 10% or more efficiency gains by clipping in. You know what? I think it’s a load of rubbish. I’ve been riding flat pedals for about 5 […]

eBikes – The Ultimate Training Tool?

A modern eMTB gives you a level of control over your training that only an indoor bike or turbo trainer can compete with. It does this whilst letting you improve your skills, have fun and develop as a rider BUT all that only works if you use it smartly and understand the unique traits of […]

Stand Up to Ride Faster

Modern mountain bikes are amazing. The geometry, suspension and tyres let you ride up almost any trail. The only thing is, that the modern MTB encourages you to sit and spin, letting the bike do the work. This is fine if efficiency is the number one priority, but by rarely standing to pedal you are […]

Welcome to the new look Strength Factory

New year, new website! Happy new year guys and welcome to the new home of Strength Factory. Our old website was doing a decent job but I’ve always wanted to smarten things up a little and offer you guys a single place to find all of my programmes, free content, expert-advice and resources. The Strength […]

Your Winter Fitness Blueprint with Downtime

In the lead-up to Christmas 2020, I joined Chris at the Downtime Podcast to talk about how to put together a winter fitness blueprint that’ll give you the best chance of smashing the trails when spring and summer roll back around. We chatted about motivation, creating a foundation, the importance of breathing and much more. […]

Strength Factory takes the Downtime top-spot for 2020

A huge part of improving your performance is celebrating your success and giving yourself a big high-five when things go well. Doing just that, I’m celebrating some good news from the awesome Downtime Podcast. Back in January 2020 I joined Chris at Downtime to talk about How to Shred Until You’re 70. In the episode […]

Heart Rate Zone Calculator

Below you can find your heart rate zone calculator for use with Strength Factory training programmes. To use it, simply type your FTHR into the top box, click ‘Calculate’ and the rest is easy. If you have not yet conducted a FTHR test, then go back to your programme to get the correct protocol and […]