Core Training For MTB

In this video I am going to show you how to approach your core training to make you a better mountain bike rider and human. Rather than a list of exercises called, “MTB Core Workout,” which is most of what you will find elsewhere on YouTube, I aim to give you an understanding of what […]

How to Train For Enduro MTB

What do you need to do to race enduro? How should you approach your training and preparation? In this video I will take you through my approach and how I boil it down to two simple elements for racing success. Whether you are a podium contender, or just doing your first race for fun, the […]

How To Build Muscle – MTB Fitness

Building muscle, hypertrophy, or getting, ‘hench’ is not normally a topic that comes up in mountain biking media or fitness content. This is a shame as there are plenty of men and women out there who love mountain biking, but who would also love to get bigger. Whether it’s for downhill performance and protection or […]

How Pro MTB Riders Got FAST……. Williams – Harnden – Vieira – Pugh

This is part two of my series where I ask pro MTB riders how they got so fast on their bikes. In this episode I chat to: Harriet Harnden from Trek Factory Racing Jordan Williams from Specialized Gravity, who is also the current Junior World Champ! Roger Vieira who is one of the fastest World […]

How They Got FAST….. Hatton – Smith – Parton – Vernon – Morris

There is a bit of a trend on YouTube right now for asking millionaires or other, ‘successful’ people how they got rich, how they can afford a Ferrari and what we can all do to mimic it. So I had an idea….. This weekend I was at the first British National DH round, complete with […]


After a recent video I made got slated by a few people on Pinkbike, for the sole reason that I was on an E-Bike, I decided to get my ass in gear and get this made. Will your E-MTB make you fat and slow, or can it help you to be fitter and faster than […]

Free Weights vs Machines For MTB

A modern gym is packed full of kit to help get you fitter and stronger, but with so much choice, how do you decide what to use to help make you a better mountain biker? Should you be in the free weights area pumping iron? Or should you be smashing out the sets on the […]

Aerobic Training Will Make You Faster

Zone 2……. Base Miles…….. Aerobic Training…….. All terms you have heard, but what do they mean and why, as a mountain biker, should you care? Let me show you why aerobic training should form the foundation of your fitness training, and, how to do it. Stay Strong Ben #enduromtb #mountainbiking #mtb Let me do the […]

My Vitus Sommet 29 CRX Full Build & Setup

For 2022 I am lucky enough to be riding and racing a 2022 Vitus Sommet 29 CRX in size large. This is a bike I know really well, having ridden two previous versions of the frame including the identical 2021 model Sommet 29 CRS that I reviewed before becoming a brand ambassador back in January. […]

MTB Fitness For New Riders

Mountain biking is booming right now, with loads of new riders out enjoying the trails. If you are one of those new riders, then you are probably wondering about how you can improve, both in terms of skills and fitness. The good news is that is does not have to be complicated, and in this […]

Will Protein Shakes Help You Ride Faster?

Protein is the building material for the human body, helping to build and repair muscle tissue, amongst other things. As a mountain biker, getting enough protein is essential for recovery, health and for improving your strength, fitness and performance. Whilst food should provide most of the protein you need, we can supplement our diet with […]

Full Setup – Fox 38 – X2 FLOAT. -Tyres | MTB Tips

Getting a bike set up properly can be a daunting task, especially with factory level suspension that features high and low speed compression and rebound damping. Whilst the manufacturer’s settings are pretty useful, I thought I would give you all of my settings along with my height and weight to help you understand how to […]

How To Deal With Fear | MTB Tips

I am not the bravest rider out there by any means and am rarely the one to go and guinea pig a big new feature. However, over the past few years my riding has progressed loads and I have hit the biggest jumps and features of my life with (touch wood) no big crashes or […]

Turns In The Ferns. Dyfi Bike Park | MTB GoPro

Turns In The Ferns is one of Dyfi’s newest trails. Red graded, it starts at the half way point and is a great way to ease into a day of sending it hard at Dyfi. We missed a couple of optional lines as we were still figuring things out and then I cased a couple […]