Podcast: Your Biggest MTB Fitness Challenges Solved.

Your MTB Fitness and Training Questions Answered on the latest episode of The Downtime Podcast. Want to know: What to eat on a ride….. Time management tips….. How to win a DH race…… How to prevent arm pump….. and loads more. As well as 2 hours of free training advice you will find a discount […]

Why I Run Short Cranks On My MTB

Discover the surprising benefits of using shorter cranks on your mountain bike in my latest blog post, ‘Why I Run Short Cranks on My MTB.’ In this post I will explain how shorter cranks can enhance your riding experience, improve cornering, and optimise pedalling for riders of all sizes on the trails. Back in spring […]

8 Tips to Ride All Day – MTB Endurance

Ride further, climb higher, explore deeper into the hills and have more fun with these 8 training tips to boost your MTB Endurance. MTB Momentum: Your weekly email dose of all things MTB strength and fitness, every Tuesday. Packed with real, useable advice that you can start using, today.

5.5 Tips For Stronger Legs on Your MTB

The following is taken from my MTB Momentum weekly newsletter. You can sign up to get your weekly dose of MTB fitness here: MTB Momentum Who doesn’t want stronger legs for mountain biking? More power, improved endurance, a stronger riding position. The list of positives for stronger legs is nearly endless. To help you get […]

How To Keep Mountain Biking Until You’re 70

If you want to be a Rad- Grandad or a Gnarly Nanna, then tune in to my latest YouTube video. It’s all about how you can keep on riding as you get older. This video is packed full of real world, useable tips to keep you mountain biking through your 40s, 50s, 60s, and maybe […]

FREE: Over 40s MTB Workout

This is a free MTB fitness workout for riders over 40, and it’s taken from my Over 40s MTB Programme. It really focuses on single leg strength and balance, whilst working some key areas of the upper body to build strong and robust shoulders and a solid core. If you enjoyed the workout and want […]


If you want to be a fitter, stronger and faster rider, then the MTB Momentum emails are for you. Every Tuesday you will receive an email packed with real world, useable training information, resources and special offers. No junk, no nonsense, just quality training advice for mountain bikers of all levels. Simply add your details […]

The Strength Factory Guarantee

Every single Strength Factory programme is covered by “The Strength Factory Guarantee.” If you are not 100% satisfied. If you don’t ride faster. You get your money back. It really is that simple. It makes starting one of our programmes a total no-brainer, as it is 100% risk free. Terms and Conditions: Thanks. Ben The […]

How To Choose A Strength Factory MTB Training Programme

I have a range of programmes to suit every level of mountain biker, from pro/elite racers to people who are totally new to riding and fitness in general. To help you decide which is the best fit for you, I have put together this flow-chart to help guide you. The flow chart is just a […]

How To Structure A Training Week For MTB

Having a good structure to your mountain bike training week can be the difference between making great progress with your training, or being constantly tired and sore. In this article I will show you how to plan and structure your MTB fitness training to get amazing results, for months to come. How Much Time Do […]

Better Posture. Better Rider

Poor posture from hours spent hunched over phones and computers is wrecking your riding position. By understanding the effects of poor posture on your riding, and then taking action, you can improve your posture so you can ride further, faster and easier than before.

Downtime Podcast: Better Humans Make Better Bike Riders

My latest episode of The Downtime Podcast is LIVE! In this episode I talk about how I believe being a better human will make you a better mountain bike rider. We got in depth on this one, covering a wide range of MTB fitness related topics to help you be the best human possible: You […]

6 Tips To Boost Your MTB Fitness This Winter

It’s Autumn (or Fall) and the leaves are dropping, days getting shorter and the trails wetter. It’s time to gear up for winter training, so you keep out the chill, and are ready to conquer the trails come spring. Here are 6 tips to make this your best winter of MTB fitness ever. Re-Proof Your […]

OChain – A Real Game Changer

The OChain has been around for a couple of years now. You may have seen it featured on the bikes of pro riders and teams at the Enduro and DH World Cups, and often bought with their own money. I have been lucky enough to be riding one since they first launched in the UK, […]


Prepare to unlock your true potential as a mountain biker with our guide to mobility training for MTB riders and racers. In this article, we’ll delve into the essential mobility exercises and techniques that will elevate your performance, increase agility, and help you conquer the most challenging trails and races. Why Should Mountain Bikers Care […]