My Vitus Sommet 29 CRX Full Build & Setup

For 2022 I am lucky enough to be riding and racing a 2022 Vitus Sommet 29 CRX in size large. This is a bike I know really well, having ridden two previous versions of the frame including the identical 2021 model Sommet 29 CRS that I reviewed before becoming a brand ambassador back in January. […]

MTB Fitness For New Riders

Mountain biking is booming right now, with loads of new riders out enjoying the trails. If you are one of those new riders, then you are probably wondering about how you can improve, both in terms of skills and fitness. The good news is that is does not have to be complicated, and in this […]

Will Protein Shakes Help You Ride Faster?

Protein is the building material for the human body, helping to build and repair muscle tissue, amongst other things. As a mountain biker, getting enough protein is essential for recovery, health and for improving your strength, fitness and performance. Whilst food should provide most of the protein you need, we can supplement our diet with […]

Full Setup – Fox 38 – X2 FLOAT. -Tyres | MTB Tips

Getting a bike set up properly can be a daunting task, especially with factory level suspension that features high and low speed compression and rebound damping. Whilst the manufacturer’s settings are pretty useful, I thought I would give you all of my settings along with my height and weight to help you understand how to […]

How To Deal With Fear | MTB Tips

I am not the bravest rider out there by any means and am rarely the one to go and guinea pig a big new feature. However, over the past few years my riding has progressed loads and I have hit the biggest jumps and features of my life with (touch wood) no big crashes or […]

Turns In The Ferns. Dyfi Bike Park | MTB GoPro

Turns In The Ferns is one of Dyfi’s newest trails. Red graded, it starts at the half way point and is a great way to ease into a day of sending it hard at Dyfi. We missed a couple of optional lines as we were still figuring things out and then I cased a couple […]

Race Track Full Run – Dyfi Bike Park

I just got back from a mega weekend with the boys at Dyfi Bike Park. It has been two years since I rode there last, and I am already planning my next visit. This place is awesome! This is a full run down Race Track, a double black rated track. For the first half, I […]

This Transformed My Riding | MTB Tips

This winter I took the plunge and took out the hacksaw to trim my bars down after years running them at 780mm. If you want to hear about why I did it and how it has changed my riding, then hit play….. Stay Strong Ben The Over 40s MTB Programme: The Over 40s MTB Programme […]

Taper For a Race or Event | MTB Tips.

You have trained hard and now the big race or trip is approaching. You want to turn up feeling fast, fresh and motivated, not tired, sore and slow. This is where a race week taper comes in. It is simply a process of altering your training and recovery so that you arrive at the start […]

Fuel Your MTB Riding & Racing

You have done the training, prepped your bike and then on the big day you are lacking energy, feel rubbish and cream in. All because you didn’t eat enough, or because you ate the wrong things. Luckily for you, I have laid out exactly how to approach fuelling your riding. Whether it is a long, […]


I am so excited about my new bike and today I get to show it to you all. | have just taken delivery of a shiny new Vitus Sommet 29 CRX enduro bike. Based on the same frame as last year – that I loved! – it is dripping with top line parts for the […]

Testing A Mullet Wheelset vs 29″

In about a month I am hoping to pick up my 2022 bike from Vitus. Normally this is very straight forward as we choose the model and then wait for the size large to come into stock. This year though, the Sommet range of enduro bikes come in two versions….. 29″ Wheels OR 29/27.5″ Wheels, […]

Arm Pump – Everything You Need To Know | MTB TIPS

For some of us, arm pump on the mountain bike is an occasional annoyance, for others it wrecks holidays, races and trips with the boys. I want arm pump to be a thing of the past for you and your riding buddies, so I have literally put everything I know about arm pump into this […]

You Can’t Buy Performance | MTB Tips

Money can’t buy you happiness, or so they say. But can it buy you performance on the bike? Tune in to find out my thoughts…….. Over 40’s MTB Programme: The Over 40s MTB Programme You can check out my Vitus bike here: 2022 Vitus Sommet CRX in 29″ Stay Strong Ben